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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  February 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the news starts now. late breaking news out of prince georges county where at least seven firefighters have been injured trying to put out a house fire. >> looking live from sky 9 down on the scene in the 6300 block of 57th avenue. ken is there right now. he has the latest on what's going on. ken. >> still a very active scene. dozens of firefighters along the 6400 block of 57th street. this is one of the worst things that can happen to any group of firefighters responding to a call. let's cut to the video and show you what it looks like near where this disaster took place. they received a call for a vacant home on fire around 9:00. when the firefighters got here, they were met with roaring flames. heavy fire, heavy smoke. they went inside the house and trying to battle this fire when a strong gust of wind forced
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flames through the back end of the house, creating an inferno inside for the firefighters. that's when they were burnt and that's when they were hurt. take a listen when they explain the situation. take a listen. >> a sudden gust of air aided by the heavy winds we have enter the structure, creating almost a blow torch type furnace. seven firefighters have sustained injuries and have been transferred to the burn unit. some firefighters are injured more seriously than others. >> seven firefighters injured. some of them are minor injuries. others with more serious injuries. we're told one firefighter's injuries are so serious, they can be life threatening. they aren't calling it that just yet. there is one firefighter whose injures are that severe. we want to also let you know, some of these injuries are burns, lacerations, and
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fractures. seven firefighters are all at the hospital burn center being treated right now. firefighters still trying to figure out what caused this fire and what led up to this tragedy. back to you. >> ken, we thank you for that. as ken noted. the high winds were a big factor in tonight's accident fanning those flames. >> right now, the wind advisory is in effect. topper shutt is here to let us know how long they will be with us. >> wind gust -- 38-mile per hour wind gust in leesburg. 31-mile per hour wind gust in martinsburg. they are going to be with us all night and tomorrow. not quite as strong tomorrow afternoon. windchill, if you are going outside, dress for the 30s and 40s. feels like 34 in gaithersburg, and feels like 33 out in leesburg. believe it or not, we have live doppler radar. we have some light snow showers and a few rain showers being reported. we'll come back and let you know what that means at the ski
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resorts and if we could see a flurry in the immediate metro area tomorrow. >> all right, thank you, top. at the end of a day that saw gas rices rise 4 cents and the end of a week that went up 12 cents. there's news that may make things worse. >> iran is now much closer to developing nuclear weapons than ever before. and world reaction to that could hit us at the pump. even as terrorists consider hitting the american homeland. gary is here to explain that. gary. >> anita, american investors are trying to cash in on their belief that gasoline will soon cost $5 a gallon. an increase based on fear. >> it's already happening. we have some, probably at least 50 cents in your gallon is due to the threat to the straight, to the uncertainty. >> iron iranian threat, all oil
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shipped by sea. that prompted by sanctions by iran for developing nuclear. >> price of gasoline pails in comparison to the idea of ahmadinejad with nuclear weapons. >> u.n. said iran is further along than supposed, reaching a milestone where -- >> most of the way to making the weapon grade uranium. you have done most of the work you need to do. >> israel will attack nuclear facilities. >> that iran might retaliate against the united states by terrorists, it's entirely possible. >> mitt romney suggests the united states pursue what he calls crippling sanctions at a very clear statement. >> military action is an action that will taken if they pursue nuclear weaponly. >> they discussed the threat, a threat taken more seriously after the disruption of an
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alleged iranian plot to kill -- >> maybe they would strike here, especially if the threat level went up with an air strike by israel. >> add it all up. >> if we have tensions between the west and iran, then it's quite possibly that we can get $5 and that will certainly jeopardize the current economic recovery. >> cbs news calculates that if dollar increases another $1 -- paradon me. if gasoline increases another $1 a gallon, that would wipe out the financial benefit to most american families caused by the extension of the payroll tax cut. anita and derek. >> thank you, gary. do not blame that mystery meat in the school cafeteria, but a school, more than 100 students and several teachers were absent today. it's willow springs elementary in fairfax and everybody there complaining of tummy trouble, sparking concerns about the possibility of the norovirus.
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it is usually not serious, but it does make you uncomfortable with cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. that school will get a thorough cleaning over the weekend. earlier this month, george washington university was hit with about 85 cases of the norovirus. >> when the cops get involved, it gets crazy. but you know, sometimes you have to do what you got to do to get what you want. >> we aren't talking crime, we are talking shoes. right now, nike is in the process of launching that big bang collection, coinciding with the nba all star game over the weekend. it includes these bad boys. the lebron 9, and the crown jewel of the whole thing we've got here. wait a minute. let's get to it. the crown jewel, the foam 1galexy. these are being sold in stores for $220, but they are on e bay for as much as $25,000. never thought of making money
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off the shoes, a couple with the bragging rights of owning a pair of these is creating a frenzy here and in fact all over the country. up to a thousand folks out standing in line overnight outside the mall of prince georges in hyattsville just to snag a pair of these shoes. before opening the store, selling the shy's canceled the release. they were worried about safety. hours later, they put the shy's up for sale anyhow. this group which drove all the way from new york city did not score any, but they did get the lebron and before leaving the mall, they switched out their bags. why? they were worried about getting mugged. >> throw away our foot locker bag. >> they steal your stuff. >> just for these shoes? >> yeah. >> just for the shoes. fortunately, nobody at the hyattsville mall got mugged, but police made one arrest for disorderly conduct. vote monday on a bill that would require women to undergo
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an ultrasound before getting an abortion. that bill would not require an invasive form of ultrasound that was in there at first. lawmakers took that part out at the request of the governor. today the governor explained why he sought the change. the way to determine, an invasive ultrasound is not necessarily medically and could be a problem legally. >> we found out from the medical community that in most cases, if the abdominal ultrasound isn't sufficient, they do other kind of ultrasounds, i didn't think it was proper to mandate invasive ultrasounds. i also got legal advice from various people, including my attorney general, that these mandatory requirements might run a foul of fourth amendment law. >> fourth amendment guards against unreasonable searches. the celebrations may be ringing in the halls of the state house. opponents of legalizing same sex marriage in maryland are
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taking steps to challenge the legislation. today, delegate neil parow filed language with the state board of elections for a referendum petition. if that petition is approved, he's going to have to get nearly 55,000 signatures in order to force the issue on to the ballot come november. the governor says he plans to sign the bill next week. we are learning more tonight about the u.s. marine killed wednesday when two helicopters collided during a training exercise in arizona. captain michael quinn was one of the seven marines who died and the 28-year-old was from virginia and he graduated from loudoun valley high in 2002. four years later, he graduated from the u.s. naval academy. he was recently engaged to his long time girlfriend and he was looking forward to his deployment in afghanistan this spring. our condolences to the quinn family. >> well the notion of better safe than sorry has done a number of the maryland snow removal budget. the state set aside $37
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million. so far, they plowed through 30 million of that. yeah, we know. western maryland has seen 7 feet of snow, but the rest of the state, almost none at all. maryland state highway spokesman says the crews are placed on the clock whenever there's forecast for possible snow and they get paid, even when the snow never shows up. that smoke man talked by phone with our bruce leshan. >> this happens to be 95% of the time it didn't materialize. i would rather talk about this than why did you -- how could you not have seen that one coming? >> and we did do some checking. northern virginia has spent less than half of it snow budget. d.c. has spent just over half. >> this is a new tool to help take the guess work out of the grueling commute around the beltway. the center for advanced transportation technology at the university of maryland says this is the result of billions of readings from speed sensors on cars.
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each bar represents a section of beltway with black, meaning speeds less than 15 miles per hour. 15 to 30, that's the red, orange 30 to 45. yellow 45 to 60 and green, anything faster than that. so cars are moving well. for instance, take a look at what happens to the map around 5:00 p.m. on friday. look at that area up near bethesda. not good. almost a standstill. but fast forward to saturday night and you can see drivers having smooth sailing all around the beltway. all around i-495. check out this map for yourself. visit >> still ahead, 9 wants you to know. under age drinking isn't just dangerous, it's illegal. >> and we'll show you just what happens when the cops roll in on local kids boozing it up. that's coming up.
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caught on tape, a horrible highway crash in dallas. this happened yesterday a. semi apparently going too fast on a curb. it tips over, lands on top of a car and pushes an suv through a barrier into on coming traffic. the driver of that truck not hurt. the other two drivers were taken to the hospital at last check, we understand they are expected to be okay. >> in recent weeks, we have tried to drive home the consequences of under age drinking. death behind the wheel, perhaps, alcoholism or reeking
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similar destruction on someone else's life. but tonight, nine wants you to know, there's another good reason to wait until you are of legal age. you might get busted. as you are about to see, that is no fun for anyone. >> i'll do anything. please don't call my parents. >> she is 16 years old and she is very drunk. >> a feeling of being on the edge. >> she's almost twice the legal limit. >> i was going to a concert. i wanted to have fun. >> no doubt, she expected to be a part of this crazy scene outside the show in silver spring. instead, she and a van full of under age drinkers and a couple older enablers were busted by the montgomery county police in a frigid parking garage nearby. >> the problem is, you come in the parking garage, you come in the parking lot and you drink.
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>> don't play games with me. >> they are all getting citations, but that's not the worst part. >> i'm not calling your parents. you are going to call your parents. >> please, don't. >> are you afraid your parents are going to punish you? >> they are. they already told me on the phone. >> when mom and dad arrive and get the full story from officer morrison. >> we find alcohol inside the car. >> they want to know who gave their little girl that booze. this one over here, he say, pointing him out. confrontation ensues. you can even hear mom yell. what were you thinking? but the reality is, inside that van that night, nobody was thinking. >> it's the stupidest thing i have ever done. i never want to do it again. never want to do it again. >> is there a lesson you can take away from this? >> don't ever do this because you're going to get caught.
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>> so she says tonight, but she also admits this isn't her first time out drinking. even though there is some compassion, the cops have to practice a tougher sort of love. >> these are good kids. they aren't bad kids. they are good kids making poor decisions. unfortunately, poor decisions can get them killed. >> if found guilty. that 16-year-old faces more than the parental consequences. she faces a maximum $500 fine. if it happened before, it goes up over $1,000. plus, officer morrison recommended to the girl's parents that she attend teen court. now as for the 21-year-old who allegedly provided the booze, hope he has some deep pockets. he could be fined as much as $12,500 because in addition to that 16-year-old, we profiled there were two other juveniles that were drinking. and anita, we talked to the officer today, he made the point of emphasizing just how
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seriously that 16-year-old parents took this incident. they were very upset. in fact, he said it was nice to see parents who were prepared to crack down and make sure this didn't happen again. >> great report. you can just see her distress, even with the blurring and all that. >> it broke your heart to watch her in bad shape. but they can't have any mercy on these kids because like you said. >> there is someone 21 giving these young kids to the alcohol to the point way past intoxication. >> okay, let's talk about claiming your cash. thousands of people in our area are owed millions of dollars in unclaimed cash and property. are you one of them? the money is kept in state treasuries and comes from enactive bank accounts, utility deposits, insurance payments, even uncashed paychecks. the property often comes from old safe deposit boxes that haven't been touched in years. could some of it belong to you? erwin part of reston, gwen
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doyle and bernard robinson of southeast. all of you have something coming your way. just go to the consumer section at and see how to file a claim. if you keep watching, we'll have more names scroll across the bottom of your tv screen. >> we knew the winds would be bad and the danger imposed with the fire. >> we had wind gusts over 40 and wind gusts to 45, almost 50 in the metro area. tomorrow, remember the advisory expires at midnight. the winds don't just shut off, it will stay windy through most of saturday. this is the corner of wisconsin, looking to the left is northward, up wisconsin toward bethesda. you can see the flags blowing in the breeze. it's brisk out there. and temperatures are falling, but it's not like an arctic front. 48 right now downtown. winds are west, northwest at 16. that's a sustained wind. and the pressure is rising, 29.67 inches of mercury. notice the dew point back in the 20s. remember, they were in the 50s earlier.
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we are going to widen out the radar. you can see a lot of snow showers moving in. jim had some wet snow earlier, so we put the chance of a flurry in tonight or a sprinkle, depending on where you are. partly because the winds are going to keep these snow flakes up in suspension for so long, they are going to crawl across the allegheny and into parts of the metro area. here's a look at live doppler 9,000. we have action out toward leesburg and parts of loudoun county and also another little batch of snow showers north of 70. everything pushing off to the east, southeast at a good clip. windy and colder on saturday. no doubt about that. a flurry is possible north and west. particularly right along the maryland, pa border north of 70. now dress as if it's in the 30s because we'll have temperatures in the 40s, but with the strong winds, it's going to feel like it's in the 30s. and it's still going to be chilly on sunday, but less wind. it will feel more comfortable on sunday than it will on saturday. so, overnight, we're going to say partly cloudy skies, a
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sprinkle or flurry is possible. and winds westerly at 15 to 30 and gusty. look at the winds right now. 36-mile per hour wind gust in leesburg. 41 miles in martinsburg and looking at 25-mile per hour wind gust in gaithersburg. out to the west, 30-mile per hour winds are common and out to the far west, west of the divide, they have a high wind warning where they'll see 60- mile per hour winds tonight. by morning, partly cloudy, windy and cold. 30s and 40s. winds turn west, northwest at 15 to 30 and gusty. by afternoon, partly cloudy, windy, colder. keep a flurry in north and west. highs 34 to 49 and winds north, northwest at 15 to 30. it will feel like it's in the 30s, even though temperatures are going to make it into the mid and upper 40s. maybe 46 in rockville. maybe 46 downtown. 45 in college park. out to the west, mid 40s in reston and fairfax. only about 44 in leesburg and middleburg and 45 down in
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manassas. we'll break it down for you. to start, the cold. 35 to 40. by noon, 42 to 47. maybe a flurry between noon and 5:00, and then by 5:00, 44 to 49. so again, dress for the 30s. now next three days, nice on sunday. just chilly, but not windy. upper 40s and look what happens, it gets milder on monday. temperatures in the mid 50s. next seven days, it gets warmer. by tuesday, we are in the low 60s. wednesday showers and even a thunderstorm is possible. temperatures in the mid 60s. march, just comes in like a lamb. 55 and sunny and 60 this time next friday. >> we had no lion this winter. >> we had nothing. >> hopefully the lion will remain asleep. dave comes back next with sports. look at all this stuff for coffee.
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a simpler way to ship. and now, 9sports with dave owen. the best sports in town. >> 21 games to go. four points on the playoff contention. when was the last time washington was in third place in the southeast division? things not good these days at
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the verison center. missed a game with a lower body injury. first period, folks, this is what you call a soft goal. baby skin soft. carrie price from montreal gives it up. second period on the run. price makes the stop, but he backs in. that's the goal. 2-0 caps. 16 seconds. guess who is back? hit me with your best shot, fire away. caps win, 4-1. nba all-star weekend. they call this the rising star game challenge. look at john wall serving up rejection notices right there. you can't come, get that cool aid out of here. 17 this year, his team wins 5:15. john wall getting up there. georgetown will look to recover from tuesday's nightmare in new jersey. 18 point loss. villanova in town tomorrow. you can see that game right here on wusa. tip time, 2:00. meanwhile, big game for west
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virginia's ncaa hopes. marquette in town. they suspended four of their starters for violating team rules. the second half, marquette comes back. they are up 1. last shot for west virginia. no, west virginia loses 61-60. bob about to pop a vein. lady's night, senior night at college park. lady terps and north carolina. derek, she has a phd in nettology. maryland jumped up to a 10-1 lead. good golly miss molly. 14 rebounds, maryland wins 5:20. maryland and georgetown lacrosse. this is the terps joe cunningham. i don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind. look at him. all right, finally, high school game of the week. 10,000 of you voted, so you got to show it to you.
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hosting governor thomas johnson. first half, this is stewart going 1 on everybody. he had 13. but the home team coming back. g unit with the steal and the score. advances 49-38. looking like old derek mcginty. >> i'm breathless just going through that. >> those guys look huge. >> i need a break. >> we'll give you one. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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business? ♪ there's no business like snow business like no business i know ♪ ♪ everything about it is appealing ♪ >> i love this. >> that's what we call some moves, right? that is seven-year-old lucy and her little sister, audrey. they had some fun with the tv crew covering the snow out in chicago. some parts of the city saw between 2 and 6 inches. just enough to create a stage when you're a kid. >> see those little hats? >> they were very cute. >> adorable. >> makes you want another one. i'm kidding. thanks so much.
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